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Friday, July 16, 2010


Anklets are the most beautiful ornament on earth. These add to the beauty of the already divine feet of the girls especially Indian.

India is famous for its variety of jewelry. Indian women have these for every part of body. Variety of Indian ornaments is the necklace, earrings, bracelets, bangles, anklets, toe rings, arm bands, waist-chains, nose rings and so on. Together they impart diva look to Indian women. These jewelries suit every Indian attire; be it sari, salwar suit or lehnga choli. Here I will explain 'Anklets'.

Anklet is one of the most traditional jewelries of women. It is considered very auspicious for women and is worn around the ankle. "Payal" (pronounced as 'Paayal') is the Indian sweet name it is known by. There are many other musical names associated with it varying according to the regional languages. Most common are "Pazeb / Paazeb" and "Jhanjhar / Jhaanjhar". The anklets hold great place in Indian jewelries list.

Anklets are worn to enhance the beauty of feet. They come decking in variety of embellishments and carvings. Their countless styles add more to the popularity. Small bells are tied to anklets to create a sweet noise to draw attention of the men towards 'her' feet. Various types of anklets are: Silver anklets (considered most auspicious), golden anklets, diamond anklets, pearl anklets, chunky anklets, designer anklets, stone anklets, crystal anklets, beaded anklets, gemstone anklets etc. Variations are so many that you can get any design and carving that appeals you. Embellishments are attached in such a way that they fall just beneath the ankle bone.

Gold, Gold Plated, Silver and metals are used for the making of anklets. These are available ready made in the market and can be worn in any style as per the individual choice. Women can order for custom made anklets on special demand if they have a special design in mind. There is a place called 'Dariba Kalan' in old Delhi where you get silver anklets just in the prevailing price of raw silver with no 'making charges'. Unlike a decade back when this was considered more or less a jewel for the rural woman, the ushering in of the latest designer pairs has made it such a style statement that it is being worn by every woman right upto the elite and the celebrities.

There are mainly two kinds of anklets, flexible chain type and rigid ring type. Flexible anklets are more common. For the brides, the anklets are made by tying links in a chain, attached by hooks to toe rings and making a high tinkling sound "chhamm...chhamm...chhamm" on walking. Worn in the feet already adorned with 'mehndi designs' (the unique Indian tattoo), the feet look like a treat to watch.(See photograph with simplest wedding design of anklets.)

Non-flexible anklets are formed by shaping flat sheets of metal. These are just for show and do not produce any noise. This round shape looks good if the feet are somewhat fat and round. But now, as I am talking about changes in the pruduct, the inflexible or hard anklets called 'Kada' also comes attached with some 'ghungroo' (small bells) so as to make a sound also and this looks "just amazing!!" The noise level varies according to the number and sizes of the bells attached. It is individual choice for the woman as to how much 'attention' she wants to claim of the men.

Anklets have taken a great contemporary turn in these times. These are becoming increasingly popular amongst teenage girls. All over the world anklets are on boom. Anklets are worn in just one foot by some, especially the American girls. Adding to the trend is the cheap variation made up of colorful stones or beads tucked inside links made up of steel or other cheap material. These cost as little as Rs 20 per pair (less than 50 cents) with the footpath vendors near Connaught Place, New Delhi at a place known as 'Janpath'. Young girls from school or college love to hang around this place and go crazy about this so-called 'Junk jewellery' sold here, including those cheap 'Stone-bead-anklets.'

Anklets are not only worn to bring attention to feet but also add a touch of sparkle to outfit. These are chosen in the way to match your outfits. For that you should know how to choose an anklet to match with the outfit. Wearing anklets that are complementary to attire impart dash to appearance. Availability of cheap variations has started a trend among young girls to match the anklets daily with the color of their clothes as well as their nail-enamel.

Anklet, a jewel of Indian origin comes in both traditional and modern forms nowadays. These are highly regarded by women and in their weddings the importance is even more. In some parts of India, it is a tradition that after engagement, a pair of silver anklets are send to the would-be bride by parents of the would-be groom.

Anklets are now more and more worn for making style statement. This exclusive thing will never become passé; at least in this part of the globe. With modern dresses like skirts, short pants and long frocks, the beads variation looks amazing. Wearing anklet is known as, "Subtle way to bring the world at her feet..."

Why not offer anklets to our girl- friends also. They are women and so demand and deserve respect. Better still, tie the anklets in her feet with your own hands. Take my word, she will bestow upon you all the love in the world that she has in her heart.

Girls, if you have this weapon to bring us at your feet, we too have this same weapon to steal your heart and pierce your soul.